Like Bruce Springsteen? 5 bands you should know about

Bruce Springsteen and Robbin Thompson reunite in Richmond, Virginia, August 18, 2008.

By the time 23-year-old Bruce Springsteen officially introduced the E Street Band in October 1972, he’d already put together at least half-a-dozen musical groups, building a core of backing musicians and experimenting with different kinds of lineups.

Among Springsteen’s notable efforts: the Castiles, his first serious mid-’60s band; Steel Mill, a long-haired hard rock outfit that toured the country and opened for some major acts of the era; and The Friendly Enemies as well as Dr. Zoom and the Sonic Boom, two big ensembles that Springsteen built expressly for a couple of memorable shows. These last two lineups played just one and two gigs, respectively, but they’re still remembered as the first time Springsteen combined some of his core rock musicians with horns and other enhancements that tapped into the R&B traditions of the Jersey Shore.

If you’re interested in the toolkit Bruce Springsteen used to engineer his sound, here are five bands you should know about: Continue reading “Like Bruce Springsteen? 5 bands you should know about”